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Rotator Cuff Repair

Rotator Cuff Repair

Rotator Cuff Repair in Juneau

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When you suffer a shoulder injury you may have sustained some type of damage to your rotator cuff. Deep pain in the shoulder that wakes you from sleep; pain that’s worse when lifting the arm overhead or reaching behind you; weakness or inability to hold your arm over your head all may be signs of a cuff tear. Rotator cuff injuries are common and can be both painful and inconvenient. Typically, these types of injuries may result in shoulder weakness and limited mobility of the joint, and are caused by damage of the tendons where they bind to bone. If you think you have a rotator cuff issue, our medical team may be able to help.

At Enhance Orthopedic Surgery, our team of experienced medical professionals understand how painful and frustrating a rotator cuff injury can be. Our goal is to make sure you receive the best care possible at a price you can afford. Whether you suffered a partial or complete cuff tear, a complex shoulder fracture, or have severe arthritis, our orthopedic surgeon and staff want to help you.

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The Rotator Cuff

The rotator cuff’s job is to hold the shoulder ball of the humerus into the socket called the glenoid. Either through overuse, aging, or a specific injury, the tendons around the ball of the joint can become damaged and may result in sagging of the ball on the socket. When sagging occurs it becomes harder to raise the arm especially overhead. This same sagging can startle you awake from sleep.

Symptoms of a rotator cuff injury may include:

  • Pain and discomfort when lifting the arm
  • Pain or weakness when rotating the arm
  • A crunching sound or sensation when moving or lifting the shoulder

Treatment for rotator cuff tears or other injuries may vary depending on the age of the patient, the severity of the injury, and a few other factors. Types of treatments may include physical therapy, injections, and surgery.

Choose Enhance Orthopedic Surgery

If you are in pain due to a torn or injured rotator cuff, our team at Enhance Orthopedic Surgery wants to help. Dr. Hightower can meet with you to assess your shoulder pain, discuss the best matched medical treatment options, and find a resolution that works for you and your life.

Call Enhance Orthopedic Surgery, LLC or contact us online to speak with our experienced Juneau staff about your rotator cuff injury. We also have a satellite office in Anchorage!

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