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Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement

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Human articular cartilage is one of the most incredible substances in the world. Despite developing many new technologies, modern science and industry have not been able to make anything this remarkable. Healthy cartilage glides with minimal friction. It responds to stress and impact like a memory foam mattress. It can heal and repair itself, and maintain itself throughout the life of a person. These features allow your joints to move with painless ease. There are several disease processes that can break down the maintenance, healing, and repair of cartilage leading to pain. Cartilage breakdown can affect any joint in the body. When breakdown occurs it causes the joints to become stiff and develop a deep ache. The joint can “catch” or develop a painful grinding sensation. This can be associated with swelling and tenderness in the surrounding area. The pain can be constant or occur only with activities.

Our Comprehensive Care and Options

Our team at Enhance Orthopedic Surgery relies on cutting-edge technology to help our patients suffering from everything from sports cartilage injuries to severe arthritis. We can provide you with comprehensive care and options tailored specifically to your needs to ensure the best outcome.

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Joint Replacement Services

Depending on your symptoms and the damage present in your joint, your surgery options could vary. Dr. Hightower promotes cutting-edge cartilage restoration and preservation surgery whenever possible to keep your joint as close to natural as it can be. When the joint is worn beyond repair, Dr. Hightower can determine what type of replacement surgery will be your best match.

Types of Joint Replacement Surgeries

There are many ways joints can be damaged enough to warrant a replacement. A late sports injury could damage the joint enough to require surgery, as could the slow changes caused by arthritis.

Our orthopedic surgeon can help with the following joint replacements:

  • Knee partial or total replacement
  • Hip replacement
  • Shoulder partial, total or reverse total shoulder replacement

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Throughout Alaska, from urban regions to rural villages, we are dedicated to providing those in need with quality, affordable orthopedic care. Call us now to start your joint consultation.

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