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Complex Fractures

Complex Fractures

Complex Fracture Treatment in Juneau

Tailored Treatments for Broken Bones

A severely broken bone requires detailed medical care and even surgery in order to allow for the proper healing of the bone. Complex fractures are especially serious because they involve a part of the bone that protrudes through the skin. The care of these injuries extremely important because it can have a grave impact on your use of the limb for the rest of your life. Our team at Enhance Orthopedic Surgery is focused on providing detailed and personalized care for your complex fracture.

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Assessing the Amount of Damage Caused by Complex Fractures

Dr. Hightower can examine many characteristics to determine how much damage has occurred, including:

  • If there are multiple fractures in one bone
  • If there the joint near the fracture is dislocated
  • If the bone is broken into multiple fragments
  • How much soft tissue or cartilage is damaged
  • If there is any bone that is lost due to the trauma

Treatment Options for Serious Breaks

Depending on where your break occurred and the extent to which it broke, you could need various fixation procedures. You can receive internal fixes can involve surgery and in the placing of things like plates, screws, and pins. In some events, a bone will have to be implanted but that is reserved for extreme cases.

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