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Arthritis Care

Arthritis Care

Helpful Juneau Arthritis Care

Providing Arthritis Therapy to Improve Your Quality of Life

Living with arthritis can be a painful and inhibiting experience for many different people. If you are in need of detailed and focused care to help improve your life through arthritis care in Juneau, our team at Enhance Orthopedic Surgery can provide treatment. Our Juneau orthopedic doctor is able to provide you with detailed and personalized arthritis care so we can hopefully provide you with some relief. We will take the time to provide advanced diagnostic services and talk with you to understand what your goals for any treatment are so you can receive personalized care.

If you want to learn more about arthritis therapy and how our orthopedic doctor can help with your arthritis, call us at (907) 444-5501.

When Is It Time to See a Doctor for Your Arthritis?

The moment you begin experiencing joint pain and other nagging symptoms that might be associated with arthritis, how do you know when it is time to see the doctor? At Enhance Orthopedic Surgery, LLC, we understand how debilitating the pain can be. Our Juneau arthritis care treatment might be able to help you determine the right course of action and alleviate some of the symptoms of arthritis or osteoarthritis.

Some of the symptoms you should watch out for:

  • Your joints feel tender or stiff
  • You notice stiffness and swelling, in addition to pain in the joints
  • You see redness in the joints, or if the joints feel warm
  • You are having difficulty moving the joint and engaging in everyday activities
  • You have been experiencing ongoing joint pain, at least for more than three days straight
  • You have suffered from these symptoms off and on for at least one month

It is important to remember that arthritis is not simply one type of ailment, but encompasses a broad range of medical conditions. For example, arthritis and osteoporosis are related, but both share many symptoms and can be mistaken for one another. That is why it is so important to have a doctor evaluate your symptoms.

Dr. Hightower can discuss your concerns about your arthritis pain with you and find a course of treatment that can stop it from worsening, as well as hopefully prevent other conditions from developing. Whether you need arthritis treatment for lower back pain, your hips, or other joints, we encourage you to give our Juneau arthritis care treatment team a call today so that we can help you get back on track and live life to the fullest.

Joint Replacement for Arthritis Care

If surgery is the best way to help you, our decorated surgeon can provide you with:

Superior Services & Personalized Treatment Options

There are many ways to care for arthritis. Dr. Hightower is committed to providing each and every patient with treatment options that are well thought out and tailored to the patient’s goals. Whether you are having problems with your shoulder, knee, ankle, hip, or any other part of an extremity, we will provide you with care that is focused on you and your quality of life. We also understand that sometimes our patients’ quality of life can be greatly affected by the cost of care and treatment. That’s why we utilize Technology Cost Management at Enhance Orthopedic Surgery so we can find a more competitively priced option for many of our patients.

Contact us at (907) 444-5501 for Juneau arthritis care from Enhance Orthopedic Surgery.

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